Working with young gays and lesbians? The legal guide for health, youth & community organisations, local councils & funding providers in NSW

The Law and Justice Foundation provided a small grant to Hawkesbury Nepean Community Legal Centre to produce a legal guide for organisations working with young gays and lesbians in NSW. Written by Sara Blazey and Nick Manning, the guide covers such issues as care and protection legislation, mandatory reporting requirements, confidentiality, access and equity and discrimination. The resource is a valuable guide guide to legal rights and responsibilities for organisations that provide direct services to young people, as well as councils and funders that provide premises, financial support or auspice these organisation. It was launched by the NSW Attorney General the Hon. Bob Debus on 17 October 2002. Copies of the guide are available from Hawesbury Nepean Community Legal Centre Tel: (02) 4588 5618.

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