Surviving rape (4th edition)

The Law and Justice Foundation provided a grant to the NSW Rape Crisis Centre to produce the fourth edition of Surviving Rape. This comprehensive publication integrates legal, medical and psychosexual information about sexual violence and serves as a resource for those who have suffered rape and for those who give support to victims of rape. It covers such topics as:

  • the myths and realities of sexual violence
  • medical treatment
  • reporting to the police
  • going to court
  • victims compensation
  • making a complaint
  • child sexual abuse
  • survivors of childhood sexual assault or incest
  • safety strategies
  • advice for family and friends
  • assistance and referral

Published by Redfern Legal Centre Publishing, Surviving rape was officially launched by the Governor of NSW, the Honourable Marie Bashir on 19 June. Copies are available from Redfern Legal Centre Publishing for $27.95 Tel: (02) 9698 3066

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