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Over the past 20 years, the Foundation has built a significant and well respected body of knowledge about the legal and access to justice needs of disadvantaged people in NSW. The logical next step for our research program is to identify strategies that will meet that need. Using our A2JLN analysis to prioritise areas for ‘what works’ analysis, the Foundation is building build an evidence base of what is effective to meet these legal and access to justice needs.

In order to do this we are undertaking:

  • systematic reviews of evidence to identify what is currently known about what is effective in assisting people to met their legal needs
  • evaluations of new projects aimed to assist people to access the justice system, in order to learn new lessons.

Published reports and papers

The following publications have been produced as part of the What works program:

Latest research

Data to inform assessment of legal needs in New South Wales

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of some information and data sources that are useful to...

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An analysis of Legal Aid service data: two Jurisdictional Profiles

This report presents an analysis of Legal Aid service delivery data in NSW (2018-19) and the NT (2020-21). This report...

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Legal Assistance Services Outcomes Frameworks: A Rapid Scoping Review

The successful use of outcomes frameworks as part of an outcomes-based approach to service design has many benefits by putting...

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Using court data to support planning legal assistance for First Nations people (Data insights in justice)

To enable legal assistance services to appropriately structure available resources and plan most effectively to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait...

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Locating legal assistance demand: using courts data to support legal service planning for First Nations people in NSW

This project aimed to support service planning for the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd (ALS) by sourcing and analysing relevant...

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An Assessment of Legal Needs in NSW

The Law and Justice Foundation of NSW was approached by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice in September 2021...

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families in Australian Coroners Courts: A review of the research literature on improving court experiences

Coroners courts in many jurisdictions throughout Australia are seeking ways to ensure their processes and practices are culturally sensitive, particularly...

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Law informed: The value of telephone legal information services to clients

Do telephone legal information services fill a valuable place in the legal assistance landscape? Under its Research Alliance with Victoria...

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Housing-related problems and enquiries to legal assistance services in NSW (Data insights in justice)

Understanding the characteristics of people who experience housing-related legal problems, such as their age, gender and Indigenous status, is important...

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