2018 Collaborative Planning Resource using ABS 2016 Census Data

The 2018 Collaborative Planning Resource (CPR) uses 2016 ABS Census data and includes data on the Need for Legal Assistance Service (NLAS) indicators which provide a count of the distribution of potential need for not-for-profit legal assistance services. Following feedback on the use of NLAS and the release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2016 Census data the Foundation has revised, updated and expanded the NLAS indicators.

What data is available?
The 2018 CPR includes these NLAS indicators:

In addition, see below for a full list of the priority groups included in the 2018 CPR. These are available at a number of geographic levels on request.

Where can I see the data?
Data for all Australia is available in maps and tables from Tableau Public.
No software is required to access the Tableau dashboards.

Visit Law and Justice Foundation of NSW Tableau page

If you’d like a bit more help, please see our 2018 CPR instructional video on YouTube.

Definitions for NLAS indicators and priority groups

Definitions for the 2018 Collaborative Planning Resource can be found here.

Data and geographic levels

Available for download in Excel format Geographic levels:

Homelessness in Australia: Key facts infographics

These infographics present some key facts on homelessness following the Australian Bureau of Statistics “Estimating Homelessness” data release in March 2018. The 2018 CPR has been updated to include this data to assist with planning legal assistance services. See the infographics here.