Service delivery data offers an opportunity to investigate the various types of legal assistance services provided, including where, for what legal problems, and to which client profiles. When utilising service delivery data as an evidence source for shaping policy decisions, the Foundation recommends that such data plays a vital role, albeit as one of several factors to be taken into account when developing planning strategies.

Browse the resources below to find some of our key reports and research drawing upon service delivery data from legal assistance services in NSW and across Australia.

National pictures

Commissioned by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, The National Picture report series offer an independent analysis of service data across a range of Aboriginal Legal Services, Community Legal Centres and Legal Aid Commissions in Australia. The series provides a snapshot of services delivered at both national and state / territory level.

The National Picture series aims to present a picture of the types of legal assistance services provided and explores the demographic characteristics of service users, providing insight into the range of clients served across Australia. The reports highlight the complexity of legal assistance service delivery, the different contexts in which legal assistance providers operate, and identifies opportunities for enhancing data collection and reporting amongst providers. Through the National Picture reports the Foundation also provides assessment of the data and its limitations to help prevent incorrect interpretations of analyses, especially regarding the validity of comparisons.

The series encompasses:

Legal Assistance Research

The following Law and Justice Foundation of NSW publications provide insight into varying aspects of legal assistance delivery and need in NSW, drawing on legal assistance data.

Data digest reports

The Foundation’s Legal Assistance Services ‘Data Digest‘ aggregated client data on enquiries regarding legal problems received by three generalist public legal assistance sector providers: Legal Aid NSW, LawAccess NSW, and community legal centres (CLCs) across 1999-2004. The following data digest reports offer data insights into legal assistance delivery in NSW over this time. The compendium report offers analysis on the type of legal matter, the demographic characteristics of people who sought assistance, and the pathways they took to resolve their problems.

For more information about the Data Digest, see the development of the Legal Assistance Service Data Digest and Data Digest Online (2014)