Legal need arises when a person has a legal issue, problem, or dispute for which they would in some way benefit from a form of legal assistance or justice system intervention, whether or not they are aware of this. Of people experiencing legal need, some will qualify for publicly funded legal assistance services, due to their personal circumstances. The Foundation has developed a range of resources to assist in the planning and delivery of legal assistance services. For guidance on understanding and locating legal needs, see the Foundation’s Access to Justice Research Hub.

Community profiles

The Foundation collates data for community groups that are most vulnerable to the experience or the impact of legal problems. This is available as downloadable spreadsheets and in dashboards, which can be accessed here.

Data to inform assessment of legal needs in NSW

This report provides information and data to consider when conducting a legal needs assessment for New South Wales. It includes a regional breakdown of population data and indicators of potential need for legal assistance services, focusing on those community groups that are more likely to experience legal problems and/or who may require public legal assistance.

Need for Legal Assistance Services (NLAS)

The Foundation’s NLAS indicators count people who are most likely to need and be eligible for legal assistance services if they experience a legal problem. The NLAS indicators provide:

Different NLAS indicators are appropriate for different target client groups.

A data pack and tool to visualise the relative distribution of NLAS indicators can be accessed here:

For further information on NLAS, see the following Foundation reports: