The NSW Legal Assistance Forum (NLAF) brings together government and non-government agencies involved in the NSW justice and legal assistance sector. The NLAF is auspiced by the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW, employing the Project Manager of the NSW Legal Assistance Forum, and holding budget oversight of the NLAF’s activities. 

The NLAF responds to emerging issues, policy and law reform, taking a collaborative approach to addressing these issues, and identifies gaps in legal services to people experiencing disadvantage, devising strategies to effectively address those gaps.

NLAF members work together with the aim of overcoming systemic inequality by making the justice system fairer for everyone. It achieves this by leveraging its collective power, relationships and reputation, and by harvesting wisdom from on-the-ground service delivery, research and law reform.

The NLAF is steered by an Executive Group comprised of executive leaders across Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd., Legal Aid NSW, CLC NSW, Justice Connect, and the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.

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To contact the NLAF Project Manager, please email [email protected]