Getting off the referral roundabout: effective legal referral

Kingsford Legal Centre has produced an essential DVD resource for anyone who works with clients experiencing legal problems. Making an effective referral is a challenging task that not only requires strong interpersonal skills but also an up-to-date knowledge of the diverse range of available services. Training staff and volunteers in making referrals is essential to avoid clients being sent from agency to agency, never finding the one that can assist them with their problem.

Getting off the referral roundabout looks at issues such as:

  • valuing and respecting a  client
  • communicating effectively
  • participating  in and knowing about your own agency
  • identifying a client’s information and referral needs
  • knowledge of service providers
  • making effective referrals
  • basic knowledge required about the law, legal system and legal service providers
  • preparing a client for an interview with a lawyer
  • finding plain language legal information online.

The DVD is accompanied by a free workbook containing case studies and exercises.

Produced by Kingsford Legal Centre, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, 25pp. DVD & Booklet available from Federation Press, $30, Tel: (02) 9552 2200.

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