Get to know your AVO

Intellectual Disability Rights Service
This report describes the work that IDRS did to develop a video about AVOs for people with an intellectual disability. The service had identified a gap in the information available for people with low literacy, a learning disability or an intellectual disability, when they are defendants to an AVO (a common legal problem for this group). In developing the script and creating the film the project manager undertook extensive user testing with representatives of the target group, and consultation with NSW Police and legal professionals. The final product, a video and accompanying booklet, was distributed via the IDRS website, Facebook, YouTube channel and via Twitter. This final report identifies a number of challenges in undertaking such extensive user testing and consultation. It concludes that it was valuable for testing and disproving assumptions, achieving a balance between engaging story-telling and legal accuracy, and attaining buy-in from those who can assist with promotion of the resource.

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