The Foundation developed the Need for Legal Assistance Service (NLAS) indicators to identify potential demand for legal assistance services.

The indicators are summarised as follows:

NLAS CapabilityA count of people who are likely to require and qualify for more intensive legal assistance services
NLAS CommunityA count of people who could benefit from and meet the criteria for a range of community-based legal services
NLAS LanguageA count of people who are likely to require and qualify for legal assistance with the support of translator/interpreter services

The NLAS Dashboard brings the indicators to life, providing a general overview of the relative distribution of potential legal need across geographic areas across Australia, using the above indicators.

Use the dashboard to get a snapshot of potential legal needs in a specific area, or to see a visual representation of the geographic distribution of the NLAS population.

More information on indicators of legal need is available here.

Please refer to the user guide for indicators definitions, data sources and reference periods, as well as some troubleshooting tips.