Apprehended Violence Orders: a guide to legal practice in NSW

The Law and Justice Foundation provided a grant to the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service to produce three publications – Domestic Violence: The Legal Process, Domestic Violence: Community Workers’ Kit, and AVOs: A Guide to Legal Practice in NSW. The Guide is a practical guide to the law and procedure of apprehended violence orders in NSW. Written by Libby Goss and Monica Neville, it includes useful information and practice guidelines accumulated over years of experience in the field.

The Guide is essentially a portable practice manual for solicitors and police prosecutors acting in AVO applications in NSW local courts. The Guide is available to purchase from Butterworths. The Foundation’s grant has also enabled the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service to provide discounted copies to community legal centres and Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Program coordinators. Discounted copies are available from DVAS.

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