The Law and Justice Foundation of NSW is an independent statutory body established to:

Latest news

NLAS(Language) – A new indicator of legal need

June 2024 | The Foundation has released a report outlining a new Need for Legal Assistance Services (NLAS) indicator, to...

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Legal Needs Dashboard Update – Community Profiles

June 2024 | The Foundation’s Community Profiles Dashboard has been updated. The Dashboard is a resource designed to assist in...

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News & Events

April 2024 | News & Events is a periodic e-newsletter for anyone interested in staying updated on news and events relating...

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Justice Access Research Alert (JARA)

April 2024 | Justice Access Research Alert (JARA) is a bi-monthly email newsletter covering current research in access to justice, with...

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Disaster Stories Project

March 2024 | The Law and Justice Foundation wants to hear the stories of people who have been impacted by...

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